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Invoices Anywhere - Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment

Invoices Anywhere is a web-based system for electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP or EIPP). Depending on your specific user access, you will have differing features available to you. If you have a customer level user account, you will have the ability to view your invoices, print your invoices, pay invoices as well as view how previous payments have been applied to your account. A client administrator will have the ability to review the entire portfolio of customers including invoices, payments, aging reports, etc.

Features & Benefits

You and your customers will benefit using our Accounts Receivable Services. Your company can present invoices to your customers on the internet, take credit card payments, handle invoice disputes and more—and you don't need a web server or web site of your own! Below are more details about how you can use Invoices Anywhere to increase your cash recovery and decrease your costs.

  • View transactions for all your customers
    You can view all invoices and applied payment history for any or all of your customers.
  • On-demand and routine reporting
    You can print an accurate, real-time Accounts Receivable aging report any time you wish. You can also have reports provided to you automatically via email.
  • Payments are deposited directly into your bank account
    Invoices Anywhere does not co-mingle funds nor does Invoices Anywhere take ownership of your cash receipts.
  • Flexible data delivery
    The information that is used to prepare and present your invoices can be submitted to Invoices Anywhere in practically any format as long as it is submitted consistently in that format.
  • Continue to accept cash receipts
    You can continue to accept cash receipts at your offices and allow customers to pay invoices online. We provide a mechanism for you and your customers to keep track of the payments received.
  • Ongoing sales and payment history
    Invoices Anywhere retains 100% of your sales and payment history.
  • Paperless invoicing
    Invoices can be emailed to your customers or email notifications can be sent to inform them of any new invoices to review online.
    When a customer prints an invoice from the Invoices Anywhere web site, they are printing the same invoice that is used to print and mail.
  • Greatly reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Free up your staff to work on other tasks
  • Set up assistance
    We provide you with the assistance you need to transition to Invoices Anywhere.
  • Dispute resolution
    Utilize our optional Dispute Resolution feature to clear up issues and speed up your cost recovery.
  • Invoice format options
    Your invoices are presented in two formats:
    1. Adobe Acrobat PDF format for high quality invoice reproduction and
    2. HTML format for full accessibility to all of your end-users.