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Web Content Management - CMS

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9 Advantages to Using a Content Management System

Why is a CMS Important?

Why is a CMS Important?

Why do I need a web content management system?

Imagine using your product managers, marketing managers, communications staff, and administrative assistants to create content for your web site without waiting for an outside vendor. What if you could have a select group of staff edit the content, and then pass it on for final approval by an even more limited set of publishers? Stop imagining, and start doing, with QuantumCMS, Algonquin Studios' web content management system.


Algonquin Studios can quickly and inexpensively move your current site over to our web content management system and put you on the road to less expensive, more timely and convenient web site content changes.

Immediate Benefits of QuantumCMS, our Web Content Management System (CMS)

  • Cap your costs for web site maintenance by using in-house resources instead of outside vendors.
  • Update your web site whenever you want. No need to wait for a third-party to make changes for you.
  • Staff at all levels of technical expertise can contribute and maintain web content.
  • Creates various levels of sign-off (Author, Editor, and Publisher).
  • Keeps an audit trail for all changes made to the site.
  • Web content can be scheduled for automatic removal from your site.
  • Allows organizations to use internal resources.
  • Reduces the costs associated with enhancing and maintaining your on-line presence.